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Limited addition prints are available for each original art work.

The Blood of Trayvon
Medium: Acrylic on Illustration Board
Size: 40 x 24
Thousands of young African American men are dying throughout the United States in very unjust ways.
This work represents the killing of Trayvon Martin. It is a crime scene that reflects violence of innocent young African American men. My reason for doing this painting is to arouse the consciousness of people throughout this Nation and the World. It is also a fitting tribute to parents who have lost their sons and daughters to unjust violence.
My hope is that the showing of this painting provides awareness so everyone can be involved in protecting our children.


Medium: Poplar Wood

Size: 42  x 7 x 9

In the 1950's, segregation and oppression took its toll on the Black family, generations cried, died, smiled with pain, joy with displaced love, while raped young mothers with smothered futures held their families together to produce generations, and the future is now.


Torn Roots

Medium: Dark Maple

Size: 47 x 9

 The chained and dying hands that worked the red dirt soil of yesterdays survival and tomorrow's river will rise. 

Cane River Canes


My walking canes are made from woods of the apple, pine, maple and mahogany trees.  I see them as a transformation from their roots in the earth to supporting the infirm and the disabled among us.  I use colors on my canes that hopefully will lift up the recipients.

Freddy's Place

Medium: Acrylic by Illustration Board

Size: 42 x 22


 During the 1960's in Louisiana segregation was the rule.  However, black night clubs thrived. Freddie's Place provided a Black social agenda.

The Moment 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size: 48 h x 48 w 


The moment represents a period during the first half of the turn of the century in Central Louisiana when Black women, economically deprived, choose prostitution over cotton fields and scrubbing floors.  

My Son Will Rise
Medium: Acrylic on Illustration Board
Size: 42 x 32
My father died, my godfather (Le Parrain) christened me in church when I was two weeks old.  This painting represents his love for me. He always spoke these words; my son, you will rise above the cotton fields, low pay, hot son and wasted struggle of the worn out whip.
Generations of Women
Medium:  Acrylic on Media Board
Size: 32
x 29
Mothers and daughters embrace after Sunday School, love is everywhere.
Mother and Baby Cotton in Tow
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 48 x 24
The Black mother's love was the thing I saw through pain and sorrow, she wouldn't let go.
Godfather's Guiding Hand
Medium: Acrylic on Media Board
Size: 29
x 39

A father's guiding hands laid the foundation in my life that sustained me through success and failure, trial and error, faith and doubt, trust and redemption, than GOD stepped in.

The Doors of No Return
Size: 42 x 32
Medium: Acrylic on Multi-medium Board

The doors of no return represents emptiness that still fill the hearts and minds of African people through stories handed down from generation to generation about the stolen people.  Using my visual and literary talent, I want to show, out of pain and slavery, we have survived.  Most of all, we are here just across the Atlantic ocean.
Do No More Violence to Women  
Medium: Walnut Wood
Size: 20 x 21
x 7
Do no more violence is dedicated to every living, dying, suffering born and unborn women who has or may have a son that they wish could be taken back, only to return free from freedoms pretensions. 
Homeless Man
Medium: Alaskan Dark Cedar
Size: 23
x 8 x 6
Laying on the street, bare and worn feet, the rich called him a street leach, while his mother wept.  Memories of a wine-o, he died on the street.
Bloody Caddo
Medium: Acrylic on Multi-media Board
Size: 42 3/4 by 31
After the Civil War, in Shreveport, Louisiana, returning Civil War Veterans took their anger out against African American people. Dozens were hung from trees. This painting depicts that period in the tragic loss of life in Caddo Parish.
Mother Holding Baby
Size: 40 x 33
Medium:  Acrylic on Illustration Board

Mother holding baby, this painting is the essence of the cradle of Black civilization evolving from a mother's womb and into her arms, giving her Black child it's life support.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size:  24 X 48
A tribute to the oldest City in the Louisiana Purchase.  A fantasy of color that hides its slave roots, and plantations that cannot be recognized.
New Orleans Before the Storm
Medium: Acrylic on Media Board
Size: 34 X 32
The big easy is home to some of the most poverty stricken African-Americans in these United States.  Racism and white supremacy is at the heart of their suffering.  This painting reflects on that cover up.
Devil in a Red Dress
Medium: Acrylic on Illustration Board
Size: 23
X 16
With three kids in college, she's retiring from her street hustle, determined to get them educated.